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On this page you merely need to complete the questionnaire below, type in a 100 to 200 word description of your family law problem and then ask a question--but only one question please. At the end of the page, click-on "send" and your question, text and questionnaire will be sent to me by e-mail.

As soon as I can, (bear in mind I am a busy trial attorney and I too need some private time), I will e-mail to you an answer to your one question. I will not answer questions about any other area of law such as criminal law, etc; only family law questions please. There is no charge for this service.

If your question is too complicated to be answered on the Internet, (eg., your question requires that I first review prior orders of the court in your case) I will suggest you arrange a consultation with me either by phone or in person.

If a consultation is required, the cost is $50.00 for one-half hour and can be arranged at my office phone number. Your use of this page does not obligate you to arrange a consultation with me at all.

Finally, the question that will be answered for you will pertain to the laws of the State of California only and as to the courts in Southern California in particular. I am licensed to practice law in California only. I will not answer legal questions pertaining to other states.

You should also know that the divorce laws of one state will likely not help you at all in another state. In fact, your problem could be substantially compromised if you try to use this page to solve a problem in a state other than California.

If your question really only pertains to the divorce laws of say, New York, and you try to disguise your case as one in California, the answer you get will not only be wrong, but if you try to use the information provided, you may actually hurt your case and hence yourself; that only helps your X or soon-to-be X-spouse.

Why do that? You will be wise to seek advice pertaining to a divorce or custody problem in your own state from an attorney licensed to practice there.

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